Temporary closure of the Alte Römerstraße

Due to extensive construction work at the Alte Römerstraße/Robert-Bosch-Straße intersection and parallel work on the Pater-Roth-Straße, those travelling to the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site between 19th October and 16th November 2019 are likely to face delays when travelling to the site. Visitors are kindly requested to plan their travel accordingly.

A diversionary route will need to be followed in order to reach the memorial site’s visitor car park from the south. This diversion is clearly signposted.

The bus stop "KZ-Gedenkstätte" will not be reachable during the construction work - the nearest bus stop is "Newtonstraße". From there, signposts will guide visitors to the memorial site and back. Those arriving by public transport must expect a 15-minute walk between the bus stop and the memorial site.

The construction work will improve access from the visitor car park to the Alte Römerstraße and thus reduce the overburdened infrastructure of the surrounding residential areas.

Redirection to the visitor car park

The memorial site’s visitor car park can still be reached from the north via the Alte Römerstraße. From the south, a detour from the Alte Römerstraße/Fraunhoferstraße intersection through the Dachau-Ost industrial estate is signposted. The diversion leads from the Fraunhoferstraße via the street "Am Hörhammermoos" to the Robert-Bosch-Straße. Via Otto-Hahn-Straße and Hans-Böckler-Straße, visitors to the memorial site can reach the car park via the Alte Römerstraße. It is not possible to reach the car park via Pater-Roth-Straße, as it is also closed to public transport.

Bus stop relocated

Visitors who wish to reach the concentration camp memorial site by public transport must plan a longer walk in order to reach the site. MVV line 726 does not go through Pater-Roth-Straße to the stop "KZ-Gedenkstätte", but rather via Sudentenlandstraße to the bus-stop "Newtonstraße". From there, signs will guide visitors via the Alte Römerstraße and the visitor car park of the memorial site to the visitor centre. The way back to the "Newtonstraße" stop is also signposted. The walk takes about 15 minutes.

As well as developing the infrastructural links mentioned above, the construction work will include improvements in the sewage system as well the installation of cables required for the visitor car park redevelopment project.

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